counters Spitfire Brakes Upgrade


Spitfire Brakes Upgrade

capri vented disc spacer kitImprovements can be made such as cross drilling the front discs and fitting better performing pads at the front, shoes at the rear. If the car is being used in motorsport or a track environment then fade may start to become an issue. The most popular conversion is to fit Ford Capri 2.8i ventilated discs to avoid the brake fade issue. The calipers need widening to accommodate the wider discs. This can be done by a spacing plate carefully engineered to fit in between the two halves of the caliper. These were once commercially available but locating a current supplier may prove difficult. To improve stopping power it is possible to replace the single piston front calipers capri vented disc with dual piston units that were fitted to the Austin Princess. These are a fairly straight forward conversion, with spacing plates available to make them fit Capri vented discs.